Current D'Youville Student Athletes On The Front Line Part I

Current D'Youville Student Athletes On The Front Line Part I

This week we will highlight two current student athletes of D'Youville College that have joined the forces to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, putting their own health at risk to serve others. Rachel Colan and Brittaney Goodrich, Juniors of D'Youville Softball, remained true to the mission of our school, never refusing to serve. Rachel and Brittaney have both  taken on roles as Nursing Assistants at Kenmore Mercy and the Catholic Health COVID-19 Treatment Facility of the St. Joseph Hospital Campus.

We have asked Rachel and Brittaney to share some insight about their expeirience on the front lines and how their time as student athletes has helped them through this challenging time. 

Rachel Colan

"I work at Kenmore Mercy Hospital as a Nursing Assistant. The floor I work on is not a COVID-19 designated floor, but I have floated to other floors like the ICU where there are COVID patients to help out those nurses. Being an athlete has definitely taught me how to be a team player and how to work together with others. During this pandemic, teamwork and communication have never been more necessary to provide the highest quality of care to all of our patients. Knowing how to work well with your coworkers makes stressful shifts go a little smoother. 

This experience has taught me to rise up to challenges, even ones that can be scary. Working through this pandemic has made me realize that stepping up in times of uncertainty, makes you a much stronger person mentally. It also has shown me how people come together in time of crisis, no matter who they are and where they came from, and I think that that is awesome. That is one of the reasons I wanted to become a nurse. Working with other people just as dedicated as you are to helping others is extremely inspiring."

Brittaney Goodrich

"Since the cancellation of our season and clinical, I decided to pick up shifts at St. Joseph's Hospital. There is a shortage of workers, including nursing assistants, and I felt that with my open availability I was the right time to get more hours. This pandemic has taught me to be brave. When I was called and asked to work at the Catholic Health COVID-19 Treatment Facility of the St. Joseph Campus, I decided to do what I could.

In return, I saw how people can really come together as one big team. Watching nurses who have never worked with each other or nurses that have never worked in the states before, come together in highly stressful times to do their job and help those those that are in critical states was an inspiring experience. I have learned that sometimes you just have to be gritty and do the job you signed up for. You go to work and help those that need it more than you and at the end of the day it makes you a stronger individual."

As a department, we are exceptionally proud of Rachel and Brittaney for their sacrifice, bravery, and dedication to the mission of D'Youville College. For more information on D'Youville College COVID-19 efforts, click here.