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Current D-Youville Student Athletes On The Front Line Part II

Current D-Youville Student Athletes On The Front Line Part II
This week we will highlight two current student athletes of D'Youville College that have joined the forces to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, putting their own health at risk to serve others. Sierra Brooks and Jordyn James, members of D'Youville Lacrosse, remained true to the mission of our school, never refusing to serve. Sierra is working as a Nurses Assistant at Sisters Hospital in Buffalo, while Jordyn works at Cobb’s Hill Manor in Rochester, NY as a personal care aide.
We have asked Sierra and Jordyn to share some insight about their experience on the front lines and how their time as student athletes has helped them through this challenging time. 
Sierra Brooks, Sr., Attack
"During this pandemic, I am working at Sisters Hospital assisting the nurses with patients needs. I have had patients who have had COVID-19 and it has been especially difficult trying not to take the disease home. It is important to keep your head up though and ensure the safety of your family and patients by staying within all the health guidelines. I help bathe, keep tract of input and output, empty drains, assist with ambulation and anything else the nurse or patients need assistance with during the shift. It is important in the health field to be efficient with your time and being a student athlete has taught me the importance of time management. "
Jordyn James, Fr. , Goalkeeper
"At my job, I answer emergency call lights, help people bathe, make residents beds, bring people sick meal trays, and complete any other tasks the nurses or patients may need from me. Being an athlete has helped me in this situation by proving to me how much of a teammate can really help everyone out. During this situation working well with all my coworkers has proven to make the shift go by as smooth as possible. It also helps to be a good teammate communication wise, like no other time than now has it been so important to communicate well with others at the job and off the job through social distancing."
As a department, we are exceptionally proud of Sierra and Jordyn for their sacrifice, bravery, and dedication to the mission of D'Youville College. For more information on D'Youville College COVID-19 efforts, click here.