We've got BIG NEWS from D'Youville!

We've got BIG NEWS from D'Youville!

We’ve got BIG NEWS from D’Youville! 

With the exciting changes taking place in D’Youville Athletics, we are launching a new Mascot and Identity. While this identity was created for Athletics, we believe it is SO perfectly suited to D’Youville, that it will become a shared identity for ALL students!

For the last year, we’ve been asking around about what it means to be a Spartan. We began to sense there wasn’t a lot of pride, passion, or connection with being a Spartan. The identity lacked a history, a story, and a thread of shared experience for ALL students. So, together with an outside auditor, we reviewed the history of D’Youville’s identities, branding, and materials. We held focus groups with leaders, managers, coaches, athletes, students, alumni, and employees. We audited the schools in our Athletic Conference and other notables in the country. We surveyed ALL alumni and students and received hundreds of responses, then we analyzed those results.

Here’s what you told us:
• In a word – D’Youville means community. In fact, it means love.
• Our number one point of pride is that we never refuse to serve. This was true across generations and degrees.
• The top four characteristics YOU said should constitute our identity were hard work and determination, sportsmanship/ integrity, community, and strength.
• Alumni and students were/ are pretty involved, yet, 69% of current students WANT to be MORE involved. They’re looking for the common thread that bonds them together! We thought that was pretty exciting.

There were two other things. Students expressed sensitivity to change. You asked us to help you understand, to dialogue and to share our decision – so that’s what we’re doing. Students and Alumni also wanted to see the identity better connect to D’Youville’s history. We worked for months, using your guidance, to develop an identity that builds shared values and experiences, and becomes a bonding agent for students of all ages and places; to instill a sense of belonging and a sense of home.

We have much more to share in the coming weeks, but it is with great excitement that we reveal that D’Youville is shifting from The Spartans to…THE SAINTS! Be sure to watch and follow our social media as we tease out the new identity. Watch also for a full reveal of new visuals and the new D’Youville mascot at the end of the month!

Thank you to everyone who has helped to bring The Saints to life and reinvigorate the brand of D'Youville in a new way. More to come!