AMCC Announces Fall Sportsmanship Teams

AMCC Announces Fall Sportsmanship Teams

Buffalo, NY - The AMCC announced the 2015 Fall Sportsmanship Teams Wednesday afternoon, paying homage to the student-athletes that not only represent themselves but their teams with a high level of conduct and class.

Each member selected was voted upon by their teammates, as they consistently showed respect, a high level of ethical conduct an fair play. Their demeanor was not only put forward on the field, but on the sidelines as well. These student-athletes showed great sportsmanship towards fellow teammates, coaches, officials, fans and opponents. 


The following individuals consistently displayed these qualities for their team and school:

Savannah Brayton: Women's Volleyball

Jeff Turner: Men's Golf

Maura Seitz: Women's Cross Country

Christopher Rumpl: Men's Cross Country

Krista Cornell: Women's Tennis

Brett Matthews: Men's Soccer

Terra Juda: Women's Soccer


The full 2015 AMCC Fall Sportsmanship Teams are available here.