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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

D’Youville Athletics SAAC Mission Statement

The student athlete advisory of D’Youville College promotes academic excellence, sportsmanship, and service within the community. SAAC strives to provide all athletes with a way to communicate their ideas to athletic administration and with all other student athletes. SAAC hopes to help athletes become leaders not only within the committee but within the community.


•     Promote communication between Athletics administration and student-athletes

•     Disseminate information to teams

•     Provide feedback and insight into Department of Athletics issues

•     Generate a student-athlete voice regarding formulation of athletic policies

•     Build community within D'Youville Athletics involving all athletic teams

•     Solicit student-athlete responses to proposed NCAA legislation

•     Organize community service efforts

•     Create a vehicle for student-athlete representation on campus-wide committees

•     Promote a positive student-athlete image on campus


2020-2021 SAAC Executive Board

President: Ashley Schenkel, Women’s Basketball

Vice President: Rachel Colon, Softball

Secretary/Treasurer: Noah Denz, Men’s Basketball

2020-2021 SAAC Members

Baseball: Josh Battaglia, Jeremy Glinski

Men's Basketball:  Kaori Barley, Trey Boling

Women's Basketball: Sara Pfieffer, Sarah Wittek

Women’s Bowling:  Ashley Len, Rebecca Weiss

Women’s Crew: Julia Clapper, Colleen Greaves

Men's Cross Country: Tyler Muscarella, Anthony Scallio

Women's Cross Country: Kaitlyn Furtado, Danielle Couch

Women’s Lacrosse: Tiffany Cristofanelli, Bethany Wolcott

Men’s Soccer: Kyle Dick, Chris Irakoze

Women’s Soccer: Jordan Pachla, Laurie Poeller

Softball: Jamie Bower, Jordan Hartman

Women’s Tennis: Allison Meissner, Amanda Waliszewski

Men’s Volleyball: Anthony Dean, Ali Khadra

Women’s Volleyball: Julia Pienkofer, Talia Wright