D'Youville Men's Basketball Hosts First Annual Alumni Game

D'Youville Men's Basketball Hosts First Annual Alumni Game

Buffalo, NY – The first annual D'Youville men's basketball alumni game took place this past Saturday with 18 former Spartans returning to the court where they got their collegiate start.

Several of the alumni that played were prominent players for the program. Marcus Clarke is the all-time leading scorer in program history, while Raysean Johnson is second and Julian Reed is fourth. Reed is first in rebounds and second in blocks. Patrick Coyle is the all-time leader in blocks and second in rebounds. Dan Glover is currently the D'Youville women's basketball coach.

"I am so happy that we started this tradition this year," said head coach Earl Schunk. "I wanted my recent graduated players to have the chance to interact with the players who started our NCAA program.  I wanted the 'older' players to see how far we have come as a program, and to give them an opportunity to become reconnected with the program.  It was great to see them all out on the court; I'd love to have Raysean, Julian, Patrick and some of the others back playing again."

In total, 18 former men's basketball players were divided into two teams to play two 20 minute halves. The 18 players included ranged from the program's first NCAA Division III season in 2003-04 to as recent as players from last season. The game ended with the red team taking the victory over the white team.

The two teams were as follows:

Red Team:

Matt Insley (2013-16), Conor Gallivan (2012-16), Raysean Johnson (2008-10; 2011-12), Dan Glover (2006-10), Scott Mueller (2002-06), Chris Mays (2000-04), Nick Wahl (2003-07), Patrick Coyle (2009-12), Roos King (2002-06)

White Team:

Marcus Clarke (2012-16), Nate Sweetman (2012-16), Julian Reed (2011-15), Kyle Violanti (2014-15), Josh Domros (2008-12), Kyle Ward (2002-06), Unjum Khalid (2005-08), Shawn Satarian (2005-08; 2009-10), Andrew Dottin (2009-11)