Spartan Women Make Valentines for Women and Children’s Hospital

Spartan Women Make Valentines for Women and Children’s Hospital

Buffalo, NY – The D'Youville women's basketball helped make Valentine's Day special for local sick children by providing them with handmade Valentines.

Members of the women's team made player cards that doubled as Valentines for children that have fallen ill at Women and Children's Hospital. The Valentines were given to the children at their Valentine's Day party.

Head coach Dan Glover knows giving back and making a difference goes beyond the game of basketball. This opportunity was a way to combine both.

"It's not always about the wins and the losses," said Glover. "It's about what we do as a team to make someone else's day better and for us to continue to grow as people."

Coach Glover has a personal relationship with Women and Children's Hospital as he spent a great deal of time there as a child.

"I spent a lot of time at Women and Children's Hospital when I was younger battling diabetes," recalled Glover. "I wanted to take the opportunity to return the favor to the children who needed a spark in their day."

Taking the time to make the Valentines was something that Glover and his team felt would give the patients at Women and Children's a lift. He recalled how similar acts did the same for him.

"It was things like this that would brighten my day when I was there," said Glover. "We decided this would be the best way to give back."

Each Valentine was a player card, much like a professional card with an action shot and name of an athlete on the front. The Valentines were then paired with a piece of candy to give to the children.